My Panama (view pdf) (read online)
This autobiogrpahical piece was featured in the anthology Memory, Oblivion, and Jewish Culture in Latin America, and chronicles how my family fled Nazism in Europe for the shores of Panama.
Shape Shifters (view pdf)
This is a personal account of my adaptation to life in Panama after World War II, in the middle of the 20th Century.

Selected Texts
Judaism: A Quarterly Journal (read online)
This is an American Jewish Congress quarterly journal that I edited from Fall 1994 to Spring 2006. It examines issues related to Judaism and Israel. Also, be sure to check out my foreword (1994) and epilogue (2006)!
Theatre and Dream-Vision: Venice, Dickens, and the Modern City (view pdf)
This is an essay featured as "Chapter 19" of Michael Hollington and Francesca Orestano's Dickens and Italy: Little Dorrit and Pictures from ltaly.
American Jewish Society Interview: "The Questionnaire" (view pdf)
A feature from the American Jewish Society, in which I relate which books I most enjoy teaching to undergraduates.